Safety Information

At Vardaman, we know that attitudes towards Safety are influenced by example. We are committed to setting the example; not only making Safety our top priority, but we also make it our mission for everyone to go home safely. We have built an aggressive Safety Culture, that actively engages every team member. A highly effective Safety program minimizes risk, eliminates potential hazards, increasesoverall productivity, and most importantly saves lives. Decreased downtime helps boost scheduling initiatives across the board.

The core of our Safety Program can be summarized into the following protocols:

  • Establishment of Site-Specific Safety Plan – Individual care is given to each project. A complete Safety analysis is performed, all potential risk and job hazards are assessed, and a Site-Specific plan is designed. We apply best practices and job specific procedures to eliminate avoidable risks.
  • Implementation, Education & Training – Initial Safety Training, Scope Specific Training sessions and Safety meetings are performed weekly and/or as needed. All Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers, and their employees must comply with Vardaman’s Site-Specific Safety Plan, or they will not be allowed on site until compliance has been met. Visitors receive on-site training as well.
  • Awareness, Understanding and Ownership – At Vardaman, everyone is accountable for their Safety and for those around them. All participants are encouraged to be actively engaged in our On-Site Safety plan. “See Something, Say Something, Take Action and Resolve” is what we expect from everyone.
  • Continual Monitoring – Continual Onsite Risk Assessment is key to ensuring a safe and successful project. Safety Inspections are performed by our On-Site personnel with 3rdparty inspections occurring on a regular basis.
  • Documentation – In addition to OSHA required documentation, all meetings, Training materials, and Project Safety data is documented on each project. This information is collected, analyzed, and utilized to help optimize Safety protocols for future projects.

See Something, Say Something, Take Action, and Resolve