Site Assesment & Evaluation

As project demands increase and land availability decreases, determining the constructability of a site is a continuous challenge. Many factors go into the feasibility of any site including municipal requirements and regulations that create additional caveats to the constructability of potential sites. Different construction techniques for grading a site can change the proforma from unfeasible to feasible upon closer scrutiny. VARDAMAN uses the extensive knowledge of our leadership team’s national experience with large, challenging sites to assist our trade partners in determining constructability early in the process. This expertise allows clients to move forward with a higher level of certainty before committing significant financial resources.

Project Budgeting

To further aid our clients in establishing the feasibility of potential sites, we also offer overall project budgeting for all aspects of the design, site improvements, and building construction associated with a project. By using a combination of quantitative takeoff, historical data, and current feedback from trusted trade partners from around the country, we can accurately budget the overall costs of a particular project very early in the development process. There are typically no charges or fees for these services unless the project does not move forward.

Plan / Spec Construction

Many of our clients have relationships with architects and engineers or complete their design work in house. In these situations, we will partner with our client’s design team to provide feedback on current market conditions regarding construction costs and recommend efficiencies to the design based on our experience and feedback from our trusted trade partners. Once the design is complete, we provide turn-key construction services through several contract structures depending on the clients needs.

Turn-Key Design-Build Construction

At VARDAMAN Construction, we firmly believe in the philosophy of focusing on what you do best. For us, that includes analyzing sites for optimum efficiency, designing buildings with the best balance of functionality & cost effectiveness, navigating jurisdictional approvals, and turning the vision into a reality by executing the work in a safe and professional manner. Putting the entire scope of design, permitting, and construction in our hands takes the burden and risk off our clients allowing them to do what they do best.

Hybrid Design-Build Construction

Every project is unique, and at times the best delivery method for a project includes aspects of each services we provide. At VARDAMAN Construction, we pride ourselves in working with our clients to assemble the best team for each project regardless of who hires each consultant or subcontractor. Our philosophy and main goal is to see the project through the eyes of the owner and help determine the best arrangement to produce a successful project for them, regardless of what that might be.